How to Choose an English Teacher for Fluency

A few brief suggestions for English Language Learners when searching for and selecting an English Teacher. It is my hope that you reach your fluency goals in 2014!

Hi, I hope you’re having a wonderful day!


This video is meant to be a helpful list of suggestions for those of you who would like to boost your fluency in the English language.


So whether you are looking into a public course or a private instructor or anything in between, I hope that these suggestions are helpful to you in reaching your goals. First thing’s first – you wanna (want to) have a list of what your goals are, what type of fluency do you desire, and what would you like to do with your English skills?


I have three main points for the list of suggestions in this video.


The first point is that you want a teacher who will also support your personal and professional development. Your vocabulary skills do not stand alone, they will always exist in a social and cultural context. You really want a teacher who you can ask questions about culture, about daily interaction, about doing business in other countries.


Point number two:

You are going to want somebody who is committed to cross-cultural understanding. Somebody who has an interest in cultures

besides their own and takes an interest in your unique situation and helps you to assimilate into your new environment. This is going to be the topic of an upcoming video, so stay tuned!


Point number three:

You’re going to want a teacher who is committed to helping you reach your highest potential.


We not only want to make sure the environment is a safe environment, a confidential and professional environment;

but your teacher can help you to have a sense of belonging in your new environment, as well as gain self esteem as a result of your fluency increasing with each and every week that you’re practicing English.


Your teacher really is like a coach who’s going to help you reach your goals and give you just the right information that you need on that path.


It’s always good to have an interview or consultation with the English teacher before you start and ask questions such as “What would a typical lesson plan be like” and “What type of preparation do you do before sessions with your students”?


Also, it’s probably important that you reach a level of fluency that you don’t need to take English classes anymore because you’ll be so self sufficient that you can move forward on your own! You may want to ask at what point does your teacher imagine that you will get there (arrive at that goal).


I hope that these brief suggestions were helpful to you, and I wish you all the best in your English Language Learning.


I hope to see you again next time. Have a wonderful evening.


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